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is it still worth going to the gun show today?

is it still work going to the gun show today I asked only because I have to go to a wedding with the wife but if I get up now get to the gun show and get back then I'll still have time to go to the wedding but she may be a little mad or anxious if I'm not back in time, for what she thinks is early enough to get ready, so wht I'm saying is,is it worth it :-) but anyways are there still good enough prices on guns and if there any ammo there or has all of this just killed the gun shows :-/ the last one I was able to go to was several years ago and it was fun a lot of guns and a lot of people walking around had good trades and prices for firearms I have 2Glocks that I have thought about taking down there to see Wht I could find but I'm not sure it's worth the trip I always enjoy looking at all the different types of set ups and everything but today would be a hunting for the right thing day so is it still worth going down there to get a btr deal on a trade or purchase??!! Has any 1 been to the last cple I'm not even sure when the last 1 was but how was it and lines? @9 on the dot? I can't wait till noon to go cab any help me ASAP on sum answers I'll hve to get up and go if I'm going
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