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I measured very carefully and it's 7/8". I suppose it could have been 1/8" thicker when it was new. After taking a saw to the Remington pad, that pad is 5/8 or .625" thick. I want to shoot with it on for a few weeks and then I will put it on the belt sander and take it down to an even 1/2". Then, I will probably select a pad and it well may be a Pachmayr, which makes one pad with that comes as thin as .6"; the Decelerator Old English also available in .8 and 1.0".

This outfit offers a red 1/2" pad.

Anyhow one reason for this thread was to suggest that before cutting a stock to change the LOP one might merely cut the pad. Pads are easily replaced (especially if you have a spare one laying about that will work as did I) whereas cutting wood is irreversible unless you fancy spacers.

Still, LOP isn't the last word and, as Big D notes, drop may have a lot to do with it. Now both my Citori and my 870 have 14" LOPs, but my Remington feels small in my arms. Many will laugh at the idea of comparing a Citori to a synthetic Remington, but the primary difference between the two is the skeet gun is a parallel stock while the 870 has a sloping comb, (There are others, such as the fact that the synthetic has a thinner stock but I believe that is the major difference.)
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