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Re: Why Are Mods So Quick To Close Threads?

I will interject my opinion here.

Do I think some threads are closed prematurely? Sure. However, the moderators have their opinions and reasons (and I have never had a moderator give a bad reason for a closure). I have even had an instance where I PM'ed a moderator because there was a statement I wanted to add to a thread and the moderator was more than happy to allow me to. Will that always happen? No, some threads are just done.

These guys do a great job, and they do it without much thanks at all. Coming on here and criticizing and saying that you "resent" their actions is harsh and not necessary. If an Internet forum draws those emotions from you then a reality check is in order. We here on TFL value intellectual, civil discussions. We don't always have to agree, but if you disagree, do it on good terms. The moderators keep things on track, orderly, and clean. If you don't like those qualities from a forum, then there are plenty of other forums on the Internet that flourish with the exact opposite qualities.
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