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Dillon 650 .....even without a case feeder ( that you could add later ) a better option.

Even without the case feeder - it'll slow it down a little, but not that much ....and you'll have auto indexing and the powder check die.
I just watched a few videos on YT of the XL 650. Impressed!

Step up to the Dillon RL 550B or better.
If you try to save a few bucks by buying something cheaper, it will cost you more in the long run (in time and/or money).

The manual-indexing of the 550 doesn't really slow you down, either. Most experienced 550 owners can run their presses just as fast as the average Dillon 650 or Hornady L-N-L AP owner. The lack of auto-indexing makes the 550's operation smoother and quieter.

Running at a comfortable pace with handgun cartridges, I usually averaged 225-325 rounds per hour on my 550. If I was really in my groove, with components staged properly, I would run at about 400 rounds per hour without trying. ...and that includes primer refills; powder checks every 5-10 rounds, for the first 100 or so; and powder checks every 15-20 rounds, for the remainder.
I think I'm going to settle with the XL 650 as it has a extra safety gadget.

I like the fact you can easily change tool heads, etc. So its definitely something you can invest in over time. I reload on a regular computer desk with a 2x4 under the press for extra support. Is this sufficient for these presses?

Also if I purchased a USED XL 650 would I still have a warranty. It just kills me Dillion sells the XL 650 for under $600. And on eBay people trying to scalp them for over $1k. -sighs-
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