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Nothing wrong with it don't get automatic primer feed ....or powder feed....

so to me, its just a little upgrade over a RCBS Rockchucker...that we all used in the 1950's ....and those were good days / but that was a long time ago....

Like I said, I like reloading as part of the gun hobby ...and I reload a lot of metallic and shotshells in 12ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410 ..../ but I like it a lot better when my metallic press ( Dillon 650 ) can turn out close to 1,000 rds an hour....and my MEC hydraulic shotshell presses turn out about 20 boxes an hour. Reloading time is quiet and peaceful ...../ but 20 - 30 min at my press this morning gave me 5 boxes of 9mm ...that I'll have some fun at the range today with for about 2 hours..../ I don't want to spend an hour to get one box of handgun ammo...or even 30 min on one box....
Exactly. That is why I am looking at a progressive press since Turrets are near the same cost.
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