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I know you don't want to spend too much ....and get junk...

But the question is ....what can you afford get what you want / and which press will last and meet your needs for the next 10 yrs - 20 yrs....or more. I know a Dillon 650 ....will do that...

I have little doubt the BL 550 won't last for 2 or 3 generations in your family ....but unless you have a lot of time on your hands it may not meet your optimal needs.
RL 550 B is not a bad press either.....but it manually indexes ( and I think that makes it riskier - as I've said ) .....they do have a case feeder for the 550 B --- but it won't ever have a powder check option / because that's why they developed the 650.
Your logo says you're looking for rifle brass....what are you going to load that on ? .308 on a single stage is probably fine for a bolt action....but
.223 on anything but a full progressive, at the volume you probably want to shoot a bad idea in my view.

If you want to load .223 .../or .308 ....that eliminates the SDB press....and pushes you toward the 650....( or maybe the 550 B if manually indexing doesn't scare you ) -- but I really like the extra safety factor of the powder check when I load 250 rounds in 20 minutes.
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