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I started out on a single stage RCBS, then when i got into 3 gun matches in the 80's i would have to load every night all week long just to shoot on the weekends.

So i picked up a lee turret press from a friend, Loved it, simple, manual indexing, faster. and I still weighed the powder charges.

Then I bought a Dillon powder measure, and put it on the lee press (you could adjust the charge to any amount you wanted not like the auto disk)

after a few months, A friend got a lee progressive 1000( one of the first generation ones with no case sensor on the primer feed) it was clunky, but simple and worked.

I had to have one,
I loaded .45 acp, and .223, and 9mm. with a dedicated powder measure on each turret, and each caliber had its own shell carrier/indexing assembly.

time to change caliber? a minute or so.
Twist the turret off, loosen 1 screw, remove/replace shell carrier/primer assembly on the ram, drop new turret in place, and check for function.

I could load enough in 1 evening, of rifle and pistol ammo for the weekend.

I later switched to a Dillon 450.

They each have their merits, and their drawbacks.

I still prefer to weigh each rifle charge on ammo used for extreme accuracy, but after years of using auto powder measures, once you find a powder that reliably drops and meters accurately, for the ranges involved in 3 gun work, or IDPA, a progressive is acceptable.

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