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Mike Irwin
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"I prefer this approach and resent it when threads are shut down because of some moderator’s abhorrence of “thread drift”."

OK, you stated your opinion.

To continue with the following, however, is crass, childish, insulting, and completely uncalled for:

"I suppose those guys are the neat freaks who love clean desk policies and arrange their staplers and paper clips in rectangular patterns."

You have no clue how any of us live our lives; you've simply chosen to project your own frustrations on others. That's unacceptable, and in another thread would garner if not an infraction at very least a warning.

If the way TFL is run is that objectionable to you, there are many, many sites on the web that might be more to your liking.

To be perfectly frank and rather brutal about it, there is only ONE person whose opinion matters when it comes to how TFL operates on a daily basis -- Rich Lucibella.

We moderate to HIS vision for what a TFL is, and should be.

We know that chaps the hides for a number of people. It used to chap my hide, as well, but over time I came to accept it and, more importantly, understand it. And now I'm part of it.
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