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I can understand both sides, and due to there being a number of different Mods I guess one persons idea of what should stay open or not differs. But I have seen Mods close threads just because they didn't agree with what was being said. I specifically remember one thread in Tactics and Training where members were commenting how many recreational shooters are better shooters than many people in law enforcement. No one was insulting law enforcement, and the argument being made was if part of your job entails to carry a gun you should be proficient with it, but a mod closed the thread because he didn't like what was being said. Maybe because he was an LEO himself? I have also seen posts in a thread deleted where members were trying to bring light into the conversation and making small quips or jokes related to the topic at hand, which I have no problem with as some of them are pretty funny and make reading the threads that much more enjoyable. I can understand that many people come on here with serious questions and the intent to give and receive accurate information, but as the saying goes "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".
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