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Dillon SDB and 650 ...are both auto indexing / and in my opinion, the less you touch it the better - so auto indexing is a plus.

A press like the 650 - with a 5 station tool head - allows for the installation of a powder check die ...significantly reducing a bad powder drop - either under or over your goal drop. It eliminates all of these issues, if its used properly, of squibs, over charges and under charges. In my 650 - with most powders - the powder check die will pick up on variations as little as 0.2 grain and often 0.1grain.

You can buy the 650 - and not install a case feeder / and you can use it as a single stage press....if you want to.

Even as a single stage operation ....and using the powder check die'll still get 200 rds an hour off of the press.

As you get more confident with the press....I think you'll run it, with the powder check die, as a progressive operation --- increasing your output to easily 3 times that ...or 600 to 800 rds an hour / still taking your time - and being very careful.
This concept that a turret....and manually indexing the cartridge inherently safer --- just not correct in my view. Whenever you have a repetitive operation ...and human hands have to touch it to make it work ...that's where you're going to find the error !!
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