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I'll second the 550 Dillon as it has manual indexing.
You can use it as a single stage, a turret or a progressive because it still gives you some manual control. Or, if you can find one someone is willing to part with you might even like the older 450b.

Take a look on Dillon's website they do a stripped down (but upgradable) version of the 450 frame & you can add as you feel the need.
If that BL 550 is upgradable then that may the route I go. I do like the fact I can keep all my calibers on their own plate which means once its set I don't have to full with it anymore unless I change my COAL. I am looking at the Sure Loc's for all my calibers that way it saves me a couple minutes and that one round I have to use a puller because the die changed. lol

I've heard nothing but good reviews on Dillion(and it takes standard die threads), but for $259.95 that is a doable price. There is some awesome setups, but honestly I will not dump $1300 at once on a press setup. Over the course of YEARS yes, but not going out to pay $1300 for all the bells and whistles.

I enjoy the hands on part of the reloading that is why it is my hobby and why I prefer manual indexing than automatic.
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