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You may want to look for a used Dillon press.
I like the press hickok45 on YouTube has. Its a manual index, but I think his was pricey or hard to find. I forgot which one it was. I've been looking at upgrading for like two months now. I started reloading back in December and got hooked on it.

You're on the right track.
A turret is the next step.
Although, except for the Lee, they can cost almost as much as some progressives.
Is that a concern?
If the turret is as much as a progressive(aside from Lee) then I might as well go for Progressive, because who knows. May finally get my hands on supplies to reload hundreds a week.

I just got a Hornady Lock N Load Auto Charge I'm looking at moving up to something that'd throw my charge. LOL! I do like my Lee Perfect Powder Throw.
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