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Benelli or Beretta

Originally Posted by +1k ammo View Post
Did you look at Browning Maxus and the Remington Versa Max?
I considered both but really struggled to decide between the Maxus and the A400. I researched all three extensively but only handled the A400 and the Maxus prior to purchase.

In the end I'm sure I would have been happy with either. The Maxus is a really nice shotgun. I chose the A400 because I liked the way it fit me and the way it felt just a tad better. I also really like the rubberized grip for water fowling (vs the slick plastic of the Maxus) and the fact that multiple reviewers I read said that the A400 handled light loads a little better as well as kicked slightly less with heavy loads.

Again, it was a really tough decision but I am not disappointed with my choice.
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