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m-14 Buy the high point in 45acp if dollars are tight. A basic model can be bought for 170 bucks and they are +P rated. There not pretty but work well. Use a +p heavy bullet for trail defense and a federal guard dog ammo for home defense. The guard dog ammo looks like a flat nosed fmj and feeds well but is a hp soft point design made to expand very well . Because of its design it does not pass thru but a couple layers of sheet rock too. Light bullet at high velocity. Then pick up a good Dt , BB or corbon load for the tail. Its all you need till you can come up with enough funds for something both lighter and higher capacity.

A 357 is a great cartridge but not the best choice as a indoor home defense cartridge lots of flash and LOADEST cartridge you can pick!!?? Reload with 38 sp for home?? OK It will indoors with a 357 load screw up what hearing you have quicker than any other cartridge except for a 30carbine or the new 22 tcm load. The 44mag is a great hunting cartridge but not a friendly to carry in a normally heavy revolver or friendly to shot in the light weight revolvers and both well cost you more to get in to. Not Needed unless you have attacking moosies and grizzlies or plan on hunting too.
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