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Double Naught, I just read that quote from your daughter. That's great!

As far as the hogs... I guess I don't like the judgmental attitudes, like the one experienced by the poster who put up the photo that caused such consternation. There is a slowly growing population in northern rural New York; in a few years, states that rarely see them may begin to experience the land and crop destruction that is so abundant down south. And I do blame the hunting ranches (as opposed to cattle and sheep ranches, or farms). If I could I would ask them, what in the world were you thinking, bringing in aggressive, fast breeding, ground destroying wild boars?? I would say the same thing to the people who released pythons in Florida and starlings in New York; what were you thinking? To me, it's just an example of being a bad neighbor.

Actually, it reminds me a little of Jurassic Park. "That control you're talking about, John, is not possible." Right before the the T-Rex takes his little stroll...
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