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DNS, you make some interesting points regarding peoples rights, but to boil it down, $5B in crop damage/year nationwide from an invasive species is nothing to dismiss. Yes, our hunting culture has embraced hog hunting (I grew up doing it), but when put in the context that this is an invasive species, I don't know that I don't see a problem here (note double negative context).

There are other contextual problems in other areas as well. Silver or big head carp in the Mississippi working their way upstream to the Great Lakes is one problem. If they hit the Great Lakes, the impact on the fishing industry will be huge.

The Snakehead problem on the East Coast threatens to push out native fish species including bass, which creates revenue from bass tournaments up and down the east coast.

Lastly, look at the python issue in the Everglades in Florida.

Hogs are more entrenched, having primarily been around long enough to become an accepted norm, but in reality, aren't they they same as these other invasives?

Don't get me wrong, hog hunting generates a LOT of revenue, and I enjoy a bit of it myself when stationed where they are, but at what cost?
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