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Traditions imports, I believe, exclusively Pietta products.

The absense of markings is an indication that it might have begun life as a kit but on the other hand, since it has a serial number I think that is not the case. I am not aware of a Spiller and Burr in kit form, but there are plenty of things I don't know about.

On the other hand, Armi San Poalo was noted for clever masking of the markings of manufacture. Put them in out-of-the-way places and in locations which required disassembly in order to find them. They were also noted for dovetailing sights.

In either case a little conversation with the parts wheenies will be helpful. I recommend a call to VTI first. The folks who answer the phone are apparently right next to the folks who are smart about the parts applicability. This is not the case with Dixie. Great operation but a little less user friendly.

When you get it apart, you may find that the only casualties to the revolver are reversable with a little cleaning and lubricant.

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