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while i can accept that you see it that way B.L.E for me at least it goes much deeper .
As I said my biggest problem is the never ending want from modern shooters to liberalize the rules or to spin the rules wording .

The add in the almost hypercritical nature of the movement itself .
IE on one hand you have the manufacture touting . Long range performance , high velocities, Extreme accuracy and greater ignition performance. With some rifles they even go so far as to mention how resistance to moisture their design is .
All this in write up after right up . Magazine after magazine .. Look around the internet and read a few accounts by the shooters themselves .
But then when people start to say , Now wait a doggone minute . Suddenly the cry goes out that all that manufacture information isn’t true . The magazine stories are false , the shooter accounts are simple misleading ….

Its almost to the point of the seen in Tombstone where Holdiay shows up to kill Ringo and reminds him of the game they didn’t finish . Im sure you know the part . IE; the fights not with you Holiday.
Never mind it really was .
When Holiday says ; I beg to differ we started a game we didn’t get to finish . Play for blood remember .
Ringo replies ; I was just foolin about .

The difference, well the difference is its normally followed by an example of some long range muzzleloader as proof that the whole story isn’t being told .
The problem with that though is that at least here , the vast majority of those are not legal either.

So while I would agree that what I said seems to support your opinion, the simple fact is the problem is much more in-depth. Sit in on enough commission meetings and you will see just what im saying .

that’s why I belive that the quickest way to dry the modern guns up , is to simply do away with the special muzzle loading hunts . a lot of the modern companies arent doing so well anyway .
You kill the need and you kill the largest % of the supply .
simply go to a chose you weapon type of season . give each disipline equal time . . IE a persona wants to take advantage of the muzzleloader season . then you shoot muzzleload and thats it .
they think centerfire is better . then centerfire is all they can hunt in .
Artchery should be the same . if the want is for that season , fine , grab you bow . when its over your done

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