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hate to tell you this B.L.E. but a whole lot , IMO the vast majority of even the very nice custom built long rifles out there today , are not replicas of original rifles even though they are much closer then the ones your talking about .
sometimes its just the shaping of the stock thats wrong . other times its the hardware . alot of times its a completely wrong lock .

have you ever seen an Issac Hains with iron hardware ?
how about an original derrick with German silver . for that mater any original American long rifle done in all silver .

same goes for alot of smoothbores .
many of us for years have been saying that the idea that smooth bores didn’t have rear sights was way off base . yet in the last few years more and more evidence has proven to in fact be right even on trade guns .
The same thing goes for coil springs .
Do you realize that the inline ignition flintlock guns built in the 1700 used coil springs .?

What about calibers . If a given rile was most commonly accepted to have been 36 to 45 , would you accept it as a replic if it was made in 54 05 60 cal ?
So could we then not say that such a custom gun is not a replica of any given long rifle . Especially if it was mounted in silver not brass
How about a E Marshall with a siler lock ???
Maybe a French Fusil De Chase with a round face queen Ann or trade gun lock ?

Also the breech loader that you mention .
Did you know cartridge evolution goes back near 200 years before that in flintlocks .
a lot of folks don’t realize that even the shotgun shells we use today are very near the same as the first shotgun shells being made in the 1830’s , paper hauls and all .
Also where would we fit in rifles like the haul and Fergusson rifle ?
Lets not forget they were breech loading flintlocks .

What about projectiles , would we say that if someone shot a conical they were not using a proper projectile as those didn’t exist prior to around 1850, give or take 10 years depending on who one reads .
Well we would also then be wrong as wad cutter / dumb ,dumb type conical have been excavated from revolutionary war battlefield sites . The Monmouth site is just one .

So really if one starts lining out what is and is not a replica , a whole lot of folks are going to be saddly mistaken
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