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Has anyone checked on this poll today. Its running neck & neck almost. Your traditional toters and 209-inliners are hanging tough on this subject of a split up season. No one side is ruling the vote so far.
Back in 2006 when the IDF&G did their polling on this same issue . the result was much the same . however the traditional only vote carried by some 200 votes . as i recall there was over 6500 votes total ???

as such the game commission supported the turn to a traditional only ,muzzleloading hunt for the 2007 year .
those who were not happy with the situation to the issue strait to the legislature with a petition that carried some 3000 votes . Many of which from what a couple of commissioners at the time , stated , could not be substantiated or verified .
At the same time the likes of randy .w and toby b. entered the mix
With TB going so far as to file a federal complaint with the FF&W for discrimination based on age and disability.
Dispite that , the majority of our then standing commissioners were telling us that they would stand with the their ruling .
One commissioner from North Idaho , where those who were against the rule was the strongest , turned . He even went so far as to change his hunts so that it aloud the modern rifles . Which was his right under our laws , to do for 1 year .
In 2008 the rules were changed back with restrictions on modern muzzleloaders and a complete removal of ALL traditional ONLY designated hunts and a loss of many muzzle loading ONLY hunts .

So it doesn’t surprise me at all that our small vote here is very close .
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