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Here in MN. One 2 week span for everyone carrying a muzzle loader. Thanksgiving weekend thru the first two full weeks of December. Quite cold then weather wise and the deer are pretty skidish & nervous yet from the prior ending of its modern rifle season. Bow hunters are given time in advance of modern rifle to hunt. Why shouldn't its muzzle loaders be offered the same deal. Those last 2 weeks in October would work for me. Or one full week in the end of October and another in the first week of December would be something to look forward too every year no doubt.

Required coats and other articles of clothing worn in this State now by its muzzle loaders is no different than whats required of the modern rifle hunters. Blaze orange everything above the waist. I would like to see a change in that venue. Full camouflage with only one article of blaze orange needing to be worn (gloves!!) for us muzzle loaders.

License requirements. No more tagging at the kill site only. Let us M/Ls get our deer home and out of the weather before that needs to be done. After all were not crooks or poachers are we fellows.

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