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I am concerned that wolf reintroduction is another not-so-well-thought-out federal program with unintended consequences.
You are absolutely spot on Sir. Back in the early 70s. The Feds wanted to reintroduce grey wolves back into the wilds of this State to levels the wolves held before they were nearly exterminated here. Back in the late 1800s. The Feds refused /or chose not to keep a watchful eye on their pet project. To make sure their dogs remained unharmed they created the Endangered Species Listing. Which involve heavy fines and jail time if the general public is caught destroying one of these animals for any reason. Well the Feds original intention was the let the Grey Wolfs population grow uninhibited to a figure near 1700 Max population in the Northern 1/3 of this State. Today they encompass nearly 1/2 of this State. After 35 plus years. Doing absolutely nothing to control the Grey Wolfs population. The Feds original intentions of 1700 MAX turned out to be a shade off its mark. The new figure made public here a couple years back. It's been said the Grey wolfs population is around 3000. But you ask any MN resident or DNR officer off the cuff who lives or patrols up near the Canadian Boarder. Each will tell you the count is way closer to 5000. Our deer and moose herds have suffered dramatically here because of this stupid Program of Reintroduction. Before the Grey Wolf became a serious problem of their over abundance. Hunting big game in this State. A hunter had outstandingly good chances of harvesting their animal before the Wolf Reintroduction was initiated. These days it hardly pays to buy a Big Game License anymore. The only reason I buy a license is knowing some of its money goes towards the making of habitat for other game species here.

At the behest of so many MN hunting organizations and our States DNR. One Federal Senator Amy Klobuchar a Democrat took on the effort to remove the Grey Wolf from Endangered Species Listing concerning this State. Not in any way a easy task to do. But through her persistence and tenacity she managed to get the job done. Thus opening a door to our States DNR officials to offer a reasonable way over time to control the dogs over population. We had our very first licensed Grey Wolf harvest last year. And another wolf season is being considered for this year as well.
Although I like to think I'm a Independent and more conservative than not. Senator Klobuchar will always have my gratitude for a job well done in this annoying wolf circumstance. And a guaranteed vote from this house always.

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