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Thanks for the info... I greatly appreciate it. I had found some similar looking guns that were from Pennsylvania or NY from a little earlier (1850's to 1860's) so this sounds right.

I really couldn't find any markings on the other guns the first time I looked. I mainly looked at the barrel close to the hammer mechanism. Is there someplace else I should look.

Are there any other features or areas that I should note to help identify the others? One (I don't have my notes handy) had some interesting marks on the front sight. The other I believe had some unusual marks in the screws at the top back where the metal joins the stock (forgive my "technical" terms). Again, I'll find my notes and try to give more details.

Thanks again for your help with these.


p.s. don't know if anyone is interested, but I think I have a pretty good ID on at least one (possibly both) of the swords.
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