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Stock for '17 Enfield?

I have a 1917 Enfield, (US Rifle of 1917) that I salvaged from a Bubba'd mess
I completed the sporterization properly and well including a decent stock purchased from a fellow on a shooting forum.
Well the rifle is accurate, reliable and good looking. Now I want to rectify some mistakes I made with the wood stock and improve the quality of the wood.
Some of the things I want in a new unfinished stock are:
1, Stock cut for a shortened magazine well. Standard is 6 rds and is fairly deep. I want 4 or 5 rd. Mag floorplate / trigger guard has been straightened.
2, Cutout for bolt handle not cut. Present bolt handle has been re-shaped without the dog leg.
3, Selection of wood to be AA fancy or better, within reasonable cost limits.

I have looked for unfinished stocks and found none that can or will satisfy my plans.
Any suggestions as to an unfinished stock company that can or will do what I want?

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