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mykeal - thanks for the info - appreciate it.

I wasn't planning on doing anything with CTD. LOL I had an experience with them several years back - fortunately an inexpensive purchase - and that soured me on them like so many others. I was just "cruising" the results of my search and in looking at their posting for it, there was a spot to check to see if they would ship to my/your/any area. The results were negative. I had run across this on a couple of earlier sites that I looked at as well - thus I mentioned them.

Maybe it's just me, but I would think that companies/sutlers or whatever who put up sites and sell products such as firearms - whether it be modern or BP would be "up" on what is and isn't allowed. I know it's a lot of work to keep up to date but they are in the business of selling those products and to "keep afloat", need to know. I was in business for over 40 years and it was my job to know the rules and regulations as pertaining to my business and products - that's why it's called "business". I can guarantee you that "ignorance of the law/s is no excuse". But then on the other hand, there are lots of folks in business who shouldn't be. And, with the way things are going with our Govt. regulations, I'm sure that many are scared of liability, etc. Sad when our govt. who should be promoting business and personal endeavor and ambition do nothing but hinder it.
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