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If your politicians won't/ don't help in removing Grey Wolves from your States Endangered Species Listing. You’re pretty much screwed as my State was for many years. Decades is more like it.
Many cattle growers in this State were just sick and tired of reporting to their local DNR officers the cattle and yard animals they were losing to wolf attacks. DNR investigations took place but very little was done to curb those attacks. Being an Endangered Species in this State wolf was given a free pass to do what they wanted when they wanted. Cattle grower were simply reimbursed by our DNR for their lose. After a while the cattle growers just had enough. Took matters into their own hands. Endangered species or not. "Shoot, Shovel, & Shut up." became a catch phrase many farmers & cattle growers chose to use too resolve their wolf problems. As the wolf population grows all your game species will decline. Wolves just don't kill the weak and lame. They kill everything period!! That's what they do. Clear an area of most if not all game animals and then attack domestic animals and cattle. When those attack become too risky. They move on to another piece of land and repeat that same scenario. That is what our forefathers knew and took action to purposely eliminate that situation from happening by trapping, shooting, poising, whatever it took. Well I guess we forgot our history and are due to repeat. Good thing this State has so many common sense folks that look to the future and don't want to re-live the past concerning our Grey Wolf population. Perhaps Idaho or Utah is more willing to put up with those shenanigans. You folks out West may indeed have your very own “Howling for Wolves’ “ office opening real soon in your State. Their at that closing up for business threshold now in my State. And will need a new home.

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