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I can remember very vividly when my uncle together with 4 other hunters allowed me to join them on a boar hunt in a small forest near Tours. I was 11 years old then and they charged me with holding their shotgun shells and sandwiches. We walked for what seemed hours through the woods, seeing signs of boars everywhere, but no boar. Finally, as the day ended, a very large boar was spotted and it charged one of the men who didn't see it, and gored him in his legs. The animals was shot dead and I found myself up in a tree without remembering how I got there.

Massive beast it was, at least to the boy I was. The injured man was sent to the hospital and came through ok, and we all had a cut of good meat which we brought home - one of the men was a butcher by trade and made quick work of it. It was without a doubt the most frightening boar hunt I've ever witnessed. Today, they are still there. If you visit the castles of the Loire River, you will find Ch√Ęteau de Chambord, and find signs of wild boar everywhere. They dig the ground with their tusks and there are holes everywhere. Today, my uncle is 87 years old, and once a year, he still goes to hunt boar, thought now he rides a small electric golf cart while others walk.
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