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BP Firearms shipping (in to MI) - am I missing something?

Please excuse the post but it does refer to BP firearms.

I've been looking at a number of different sites/suppliers as I look at the possibility of purchasing one of the Traditions Crockett Rifles - .32 cal. = obviously to come up with the best price I can. What has surprised me is that on a number of the sites, they state that they cannot ship to Michigan? Huh?

Why? Am I missing something or has something changed in regards to MI and shipping BP firearms in to the state?

I thought that BP firearms were not considered "firearms" but rather "antiques" - regardless of if they are original or reproductions. I haven't purchased a BP on line or from out of state (other than private purchase) for a number of years but I never had a problem before with ordering them from out of state and having them shipped.

I can go to Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas and purchase the Crockett Rifle - I need no permit or purchase license - so why are these sites restricting sales and shipping in to Michigan? The only restriction that I know of in this state is in regards to a required purchase permit (issued by the local police agency) in order to purchase a modern cartridge handgun. Of course any modern handgun/longgun has the usual FFL paperwork as well. I can go in to any store and purchase a BP pistol/rifle/shotgun with no problems at all.

Cheaper Than Dirt was one of the sites and there were several others as well. What gives? Can someone set me straight on this? Has something changed in regards to mail order out of state purchases for BP handguns/rifles/etc.?

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