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I get what you're saying, and to a certain extent agree with you. Being lumped in with rural folks who are brave, humble and pretty darn self sufficient doesn't offend me. Hell, I am one of those folks, too(here's how I fit the syerotype, BTW, rural, virginian, white, fiscelly conservative, little L libertarian, wanna be prepper, blue coller, live in a singlewide! )

But look at this from another angle (and this is where, IMO, this sterotype really hurts us) look at it from the perspective of the American who is completely ambivilent about the 2nd Amendment and those who lean against it.
They see that sterotype and they see a minority, one which they don't see as really responcible enough to own guns. A minority that happens to be the only one which PC Americans don't see an issue with being bigoted towards.
These people vote, occasionally on this issue, and they don't see how it could possibly affect anyone they know simply because they have no real concept that that sterotype is far far far from accurate.
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