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The question is really how many of you actually only own the anti's definition of "ok" guns?
IMO, if truth be told in that matter, I think that would be none of us, because (we are telling the truth, remember) no privately owned firearms are OK with Them: I remember DiFi saying that if she could tell "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in", she would do it.

The only "OK guns" for the Antis, IMO, are those in the hands of the Government, which they intend to be in control of.

Gun Control: It's not about Guns, it is about Control.

That shotgun in their vid would be outlawed in NY, as it could be easily modified to hold 8+rounds .....

Age (approxamate)
Types of firearms owned and for what purposes (just a general overview, nobody has to be specific)
White male, 40-50, and I aim to own as many types of firearm as I can afford to- I even want an example of the second ugliest handgun design in History (a Glock - does not matter which one, they are all pretty much the same level of ugly). I hunt, plink, and keep guns for self defense as well.

I'm not overweight, so I don't fit their profile ......

I am pretty well disgusted with both National political parties, due to their addiction to deficit spending, and their predilection for increasing the power and scope of the Federal government. I believe the Federal government is too big to succeed.
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