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Gun owners who weren't fat old hillbillies (which is to say, most of us) were very offended
Don't forget that those of us who are fat old hillbillies might be offended as well!

Mid fifties, married over 30 years (to the same women), two grown children currently serving in the armed forces. Race: human. Ancestral Ethnicity: English, Irish, Scotch, Welch, Dutch, German, Native American and who knows what else.

Does not belong to any organized religious group.
Very Liberal on certain specific issues, very Conservative on others. Not completely happy with any political party, and disgusted with some.

Used guns for hunting and recreation from about 12yrs old on. Collect guns for the pleasure of ownership, enjoyment of mechanical design and execution, and these days, occassional range trips. Handload for over 30 different rifle and pistol calibers.

No college, but better educated in some ways than many with degrees hanging on their walls. And yes, slightly proud of that fact. Other than TFL, not interested in social media. Does NOT own a cell phone. Has a computer, but this is about the most I can do with it.

hope this helps your research.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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