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You apparently have a pair of SXS's that you like certainly keep those.

Since you don't have a lot of attachment to the others...I'd say sure, let them go ....and add a newer version of a 12ga semi-auto probably...maybe a Benelli / or maybe a gas gun ( like a Beretta or Browning). Kind of depends on what you want....

A good all around gun in a semi-auto would be a 28" or 30" barrel with changeable screw in chokes.../ the Benelli Inertia guns, will give you about 25% more recoil than most any gas gun ...but if you buy a synthetic stocked Benelli, make sure it has the Comfort Tech system in it - and it'll soften the recoil quite a bit. Beretta has a lot of semi-autos to fit most any budget...or there are guns like the Browning Silver series ..that are affordable as well. A budget of around $1,000 will give you lots of options ...and reasons to sell some of the guns you don't like.

( I don't sell anything either - like most of these guys / but if you don't like them ...there's no use keeping them around either).

One of the better pump guns out there is a Browning BPS Hunter model a 28" ....but like any fixed breech gun, that won't reduce any recoil for you ....but new they're about $ 700 now I think. Its certainly a lot of gun for the money --- and I shot a BPS Hunter for Trap for many years ...before I went into O/U's like the Citori XT Trap in a 32" ....but that's more money.
Good luck with your decision - no matter what you decide ---- and have fun with the process !! ...and you'll be fine.
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