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Thanks Captchee - appreciate the information. You did a beautiful job on the re-stocking!

I was able to find an old auction listing that showed some close-ups of the rifle. Overall, it looked pretty good (in the photos) for a production rifle. I had to smile when I saw the typical round brass lock bolt washers - reminded me of the CVA squirrel rifle I had at one time. I figured if I go with one, I'll loose those in a hurry and put a couple of inlays in to substitute for those.

From what I've read in some of the reviews on them, some sight adjustment may be necessary (I hear more about windage than elevation) but overall, they seem to be pretty reliable and owners seem to like them. As long as the lock holds up and makes it go bang - that's all a person can ask for.

I liquidated most of my rifles since we now are back and forth to AZ for the winter - figured I wouldn't be shooting them as much. Now I find that the craving is getting worse to smell burnt powder! I still have my flint Fusil de Chase and my .36 H & A under hammer but really miss a traditional side cap lock. I figured one of these might take care of the craving until I get the time to build another rifle. I'm getting too old for the kick of large bores so for up to 50 yards, a .32 will do just fine.

I've done a number of searches on the Crockett Rifle - I'm surprised to see such a variance in prices. Cheapest one I've found yet is $399 - haven't checked on shipping yet though. Some seem to have kits for them but they aren't much cheaper than the completed rifle. If I can find a kit at a reasonable price, I may go that route as I would probably brown the barrel - if my understanding is right, the locks are finished in a case hardened effect.

Thanks again for the info - greatly appreciated.
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