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My WIFE is not your typical gun owners this I will admit.
She is 31, White, independent in her politics. She grew up in a rural area but did not hunt. Her father was a gun guy but her mom made him sell his guns when they had kids.

She wanted me to teach her how to shoot after I started spending more time traveling on business leaving her all alone at home.

I am embarrassed to say she shoots a sub compact handgun better than I do...If it were not for her small hands she would probably outshoot me with a 1911 or P226 also.

White, German/Polish/Irish
300 lbs
Non religious

I own guns for fun (target shooting) and self defense. I own mostly fullsized semi autos and "evil" black weapons.

I hate to admit it, I own that hat...and I think those pants too.
"....The swords of others will set you your limits".

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