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Buzzard. I know where you are at. I have my collection, mostly pistols and then I just inherited an entire gun room full from my Dad and then his buddy in the bone marrow transplant (who is still alive) added 15 long guns and a Browning Hi Power. It took me an hour just to find one in the back I was looking for the other night.

I am the only one who uses them or even knows what they are and even at that I was sitting there trying to figure out some of the bolt action rifles and which S&W revolvers where which. I used to think there was never too many, but I have changed my mind!

He told me only to give each kid a Glock and I am fixing them up, but I will sell some of the older ones, keep the important ones, and like you said maybe buy a Versamax or Bernelli as a one type shotgun. Sell the double barrel for cowboy, the Mossburg deer rifle (slug bore) etc. But keep my grandpas old Remmington and his 70's Remmington 870.

I would rather have a few of the sentimental and then one of the newest and best rather than a 3 safes full of who knows what.

For some turkey or some trap and skeet, would ONE of the newer ones (Versamax or Bernelli) be good? Obviously my knowledge of shotguns is severely lacking.
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