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My silly Chicago Firearms Permit cost me way more in fees, time etc. than 150.00. 16 hours does sound like a lot, but I had fun in my previous class for the CFP, so I don't care. But it will limit the amount of people able to get it. You have to find time off and have money.

Regardless, I have been waiting for years for this and am very happy. We will see how long useless Quinn will be in his office to sign, but it will be soon.

I wish this had happened a few months earlier. My Father just passed recently and we were watching this news together all the time. He would be pleased.

But the bus/CTA thing is interesting and that will play out. I could drive/bike/transit to work depending on weather because I am only 4 miles from downtown. What if I walk part and then jump on a bus!!! How can I do that? Do I leave my weapon with the bus driver? It won't affect me much as I don't take the bus a lot, but MILLIONS take the system every day. 1.6 Million per day.
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