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OK. I'm 71, male, white, a Navy vet, have ridden cross-country on my Harley the past several summers (and will again next month), believe that religion should be a purely personal issue, and own a fairly wide range of guns including revolvers from .22 to .44 mag., pistols from .32 to .45, several rifles from .22 to .30-06 (including a Ruger mini-14 in .223 but no "black plastic" rifles), and two shotguns in 12 and 20 gauge. I hunt occasionally (eating what I kill) and carry concealed for self-defense. But I think my chief reason in owning these firearms is that I enjoy shooting them, whether at the range or out in the woods doing some plinking. I learned to shoot from my older brother and my uncle starting when I was around 8, and have owned guns for most of my life. I am retiring this month after 47 years as a high school and college teacher of English and Drama. Politically, I am an independent. While my bias is certainly more liberal than conservative, I have never been less than a whole-hearted supporter of the 2nd amendment. In my professional life, I don't think I have ever fit a particular teacher stereotype. I'm also pretty sure I don't fit anti-gun America's stereotype of the gun owner.
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