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You are correct Hawg, no safety pins.

The wedge is as close to bottomed out as you can get, but there is absolutely no play between the barrel and the frame.
i have another wedge, but have not installed it yet.

In 36's i always used a .380 case filled with FFF for general use/plinking.(about 15 gr.)
I eventually trimmed my flask spout to throw that charge.

I never (well almost never) use more than that.

I have owned several BP revolvers before I got out of the hobby, but they have all been remington pattern, (Richland arms brass .44 kit, CVA, .36 (steel framed), a CVA brass framed .44 kit, Pietta 1858 target model (from Cabelas) and a Uberti 1858.)

I have worked on and shot many Colt pattern guns, but never got around to actually OWNING one until recently.

There is a Uberti 1862 .36 Pocket police on its way to me as we speak.

And a pietta 1860 5.5 inch .36 bought from a seller on here at a good price on its way too.

It's an addiction.....
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