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I don't think the stereotype, pro or against, bespeaks to any man's character. They usually don't in my experience. I fit the mold perfectly. I DO look just like the guys from Duck Dynasty. To say that since anti gunners portray that as bad, and that we should be offended to me is kinda sad. My age, weight, and political views don't say anything of the man I am.

Since you asked I have very little formal education(as I'm sure the majority of my posts reflect). I barely scraped by high school, because I was too busy thinking a major division one football scout was gonna pick me up, (2A highschool), yeah right! I served in the military, in the infantry...I'm sorta proud of that. If it makes me stereotypical in anyway that's alright with me.

I hunt, though I can't say I'm particularly good at it. I wear hunting cammo everyday, because I work on a horse farm by myself, and I like it, so why wouldn't I? I have a huge beard, and often say, " ya'll take care now," to a solitary person. You seldom see me not chewing tobacco, and I drive a lifted 85 Ford, with mudders,and a 460 that guzzles about seven mpg. I also live in a town with a population of 1000 people.

So yeah, I'd say I fit it just fine. On the other hand, I would stop for any person regardless of race, political views, or appearance who needs a lift. I haven't ever met a person, I didn't call sir or mam. I think every person has some value, and their words, however misplaced and misguided, or should I say misaligned with my opinions(who am I to say misguided) are I'll still listen to, and respect as their own. I don't loan money I give it. I try to always practice humility. And last but not least I have a moral compass I have rarely let down.

If you're offended to be lumped in with guys like me, hey that's okay. I don't mind. I can see my flaws, and see under an educated ,scrutinized view that it might be potentially embarrassing.I thought about it genuinely and if the shoe was on the other foot, I wouldn't care. I just don't really think that much about how people perceive me. But hey, you know where you stand with a guy like me. I am self aware, and I don't ever try to be anything I'm not. Normalcy depends on where you are, and us " camo wearing mountain men" are kinda "normal" around here.So believe it or not, it might not be so bad to get stereotyped along with me every once in awhile. Heck, it might be fun, and I'd probably buy you a beer along the way.

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