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I'm a male, 17 years old. Graduated high school at 16. Currently not going to college. Musician. I play rock and metal on the bass guitar as well as classical and baroque music on the classical guitar. I also write and compose music for video games (amateur only unfortunately).

I'm an entrepreneur and have helped launch several start up businesses. I also count both of my serious bands as entrepreneurial enterprises.

I'm 5'6 and 115 lbs, don't like sports, have never hunted, never been in a fight or mutual violent encounter, have not raised my voice in the past couple of years (save for reminding some persons close to me to reconsider their current mutual violence before the cops were called), and am fairly well read. I have rednecks in my family but don't consider myself one. I'm not religious, rather atheist/agnostic with maybe some Buddhist/pagan leanings.

I also consider myself a member of Anonymous and try to carry the daily attitude of political activism and increasing the life of others. I take time out of my day to listen to and help with the problems of others. The other day I helped an out of town woman at a gas station find directions after literally everybody else in the gas station refused (albeit with my hand on the only weapon I had the whole time because it was a stranger).

I'm soft spoken, come off as timid, and violence is something I advocate avoiding if for no reason other than legal troubles.

So, no, other than being a white male I think I'm nothing like the anti's would try to say I am.

Oh, I "own" one handgun (a CZ 75 that will legally be mine when I turn 18) but we also own a 10-22, a Remington 700, and a Smith and Wesson MP 15-22. I plan on getting a CZ shotgun, S&W MP15 Tactical Ar -15, and amassing a nice collection from there

EDIT: as far as political leanings, there is no party that satisfies me. I believe in small government and individual responsibility but also civil liberties. I support things like gay marriage and abortion, and I'm currently considering how much control the government should have in private business. I don't even know if I support things like minimum wage.
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