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Remind the parties involved that they introduced a non-native species.
the wolves introduced are indigenous to a much harsher environment where climate offers a higher mortality rate for pups and non-stop hunting is a necessity. now they are down here where there is no mortality for pups because as far as they are concerned the weather here is mild. the game was so plentiful that they didn't know how to react, they have been bread to kill whatever they find because they never know when they'll find more food so they ended up wiping out entire herds of deer, elk and what few moose there were. the wolves we had before kept things in check and were adapted to their native habitat, what we have now is an invasive species.

in north idaho we still have deer, moose, and elk but the numbers in areas that there are wolves have dropped to next to nothing. I went muzzle loading for deer last winter in wolf country. all accounts I had heard was that you NEVER go out there without seeing at least 2 dozen deer and a fair number of them being large buck. I saw 2 little does and a lot of puppy tracks.
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