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Another new addition..

As some may have read in an earlier post I ran an ad on a Facebook trader page looking for old bp revolvers.

I have been out of the hobby for years, but a friend asked me to repair his 1860 army so he could give it to his son. (Broken hand spring)

In fitting the new part, I realized how much I missed these old guns.

So I dug out my old Remington, and finally broke down and bought a colt clone, I have always liked the look of the 1860, but never bought one..

After running the ad, I have been getting several replies from people wanting to sell them.

Ranging from trading some .22 ammo for one,
to a guy asking $375 for a severely abused brass frame .44 pietta 1851..(no I didn't buy it)

My latest was told to me to be a uberti 1851 in .36,
Upon looking at it I realized it was not a uberti, but something else.

A EIG copy of a Schneider & Glassick, date coded from 1965 with the GLB logo also..
While it looks like a 1851 navy, there are some differences..

I had read an article years ago about them.

Strange thing about mine is it has a dovetailed front sight.
And a square notched sight in the hammer, and no notch in the hammer face behind the percussion cap like most Italian repos .

And the frame seems to be made from a different kind of "brass" than the trigger guard.
Just thought I would show off my new toy..

Oh, price?
I repaired a computer a while back, the owner paid me with a H&R pump shotgun ($168 retail at Walmart). I had no use for the extra shotgun so it found a new home. .

Later gents,

45 Bravo

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