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You never have enough guns. The only reason I think anybody should sell an older gun is if they need the money or they just simply don't like the one they have (maybe a bad memory, etc.). I'm sure the new ones like the Versamax, etc. are awesome guns, but I like the classics like the 1100's, Model 58's, old Model 12's, etc. even more. I don't hunt waterfowl (due to my location), and I'm not a regular trap/skeet shooter. As a result, I keep my workhorse guns for hunting, self protection, plinking, etc., and I also feed my passion for collecting rare old American shotguns. I have lots of them. I love em all.

Plus there's one more thing to consider in your situation. Let's say, for example, you have ten shotguns with an average price of $400 each. I look at that like I have $4000 in an emergency "savings account" if a rainy day ever comes along. On the other hand, if I had $4000 cash in my pocket, I'd honestly probably waste it and have little to show for it. At least I can look in my gun cabinet and see my money. Think about it.....
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