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Anyone have one of the .32 cal Traditions "Crockett Rifle"?

Does anybody have one of these? Am looking for some information.

I've been toying with the idea of building a "Ohio" style half stock for general plinking but by the time I get the parts/pieces - I'm looking at around $600 - unfortunately, I have many of the parts but they are at my home in AZ - and I really don't have the time right now to build another rifle. Much of my plinking now is at 25 yards and sometimes 50 yards. I've been looking at the Traditions "Crockett Rifle" - from the reviews I read on DGW all of them were positive and spoke well of the little rifle. I haven't had the opportunity to see on in person though but have thought about just ordering one as they look they would fit the bill for a good little plinker. So . . . if you have one, can you advise . . .

What is the stock made from? They say "hardwood" - are we talking birch or some other that is stained to look like walnut?

The photo shows a wedge barrel retainer - does this have a "hooked breech" so that the barrel can be easily removed for cleaning?

Lock - standard traditional mainspring or a coil main spring? Are you satisfied with the function of the lock?

I know it has an aluminum ramrod - I can live with that. Am basically interested in your thoughts on overall quality and fit and finish. Are you satisfied with how it shoots - accuracy, etc.? Would you recommend the purchase of one?

Overall, from the photos, it at least has the pleasing visual appearance of a traditional half stock which is what I'm looking for along with decent function and accuracy. I had a .32 CVA squirrel rifle a number of years ago and while it wasn't the highest quality, it was a decent little shooter - like an idiot I sold it and now wished I hadn't. I figured that perhaps one of the Crockett Rifles would be good to cart back and forth across the country without taking up a lot of room in transport and still allow for some decent plinking.

Thanks for any info and opinions - greatly appreciated.
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