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Vortex SPARC field expedient "repair"

How many of you have tried this red-dot? I got one yesterday and it looks pretty good, but I certainly do not like the odd sized battery. I fixed that problem in short order. I used a CR 2032, a piece of plastic, and a nickle and the thing worked perfectly. I took an adequately thick piece of plastic from a plastic jug and trimmed it to the thickness of the 2032 and installed it around the bottom of the battery compartment, which holds the battery securely in place. I found that a nickle placed on top of the 2032 works out perfectly height wise and just dropped it on top of the battery and screwed the cap down. Thing worked like a charm. Just thought I'd share this with you guys here just in case. The 2032's you can find just about anywhere and it is a 3V battery, so this might help you out if your battery dies and one is not readily available.
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