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About 10 years ago I bought a brand new Remington 870 express 16 gauge. Gun was used for about everything there for a few years since it had the choke tubes. But somebody offered me more than I payed so it went away like others. Same guy bought my Mossberg 500 slugster 12 ga too. Those were the only two guns that got used for quite some time and it worked

I always thought I would replace them with newer counterparts. Never got around to it. Now my wife thinks I have way to much rapped up into all these guns I never use( I could say same about stuff in her closet) but I kind of agree.

I was thinking I could probably almost pull getting a new benelli, selling the other ones to make her think I am getting rid of some. To be honest I dont think she could tell one gun from another if I walked passed her. Only reason she knows I have so many is because she has seen inside of safe.

My cousin somehow managed to get all of Grandpas old guns, few lever actions, some .22s, and a beautiful wingmaster and then a sportsman 48 both in 12 gauge. In the back of my mind for years I have been thinking of some way to get these guns in my safe. Still havent given up hope on the matter either. Those guns mean something to me and I always loved using them. So I have never bought one of those guns thinking someday I will just figure out a way to get them handed to me.
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