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It's all a matter of personal perspective.

I think we all know it's a matter of personal perspective. This is no such thing as "too many guns" in any absolute way. There is such a thing as "too many guns" in a personal way. I have 12 guns and use them all for one thing or another. Over the last two years I've sold off a handful of guns some that I didn't use much and others because I wanted to up-grade in that caliber to a better gun.

For example, I shot my hi-poing 9mm a lot. It was a good gun. (But I did have to send it in for service to stop the stove piping when I first got it.) Anway, I was shooting so much 9mm that it was time for an upgrade. I sold the hi-point for about what I paid for it and moved up to a Beretta 92fs. The Beretta is a great gun and I can't imagine I'll ever have cause to sell it . . . but never say never.

I have an older (50 years or so) Stevens Model 66 C, that is so old it doesn't have a serial number. It's at the gun smith right now being fitted for a scope . . . or at least seeing if that is possible. I won't ever sell it. It belonged to my wife's father and so there is a "family" thing involved. Plus its a real shooter. I get very tight groups with the iron sights at 25 yards. Hopefully with the scope that will prove to be true at greater distances. We'll see. Anyway it will stay in the family and I'm sure the Grand kids will shoot it.

I had a Comanchee single shot that would shoot the 410 or the 45 colt. I bought it for the 410 ability and used it when I went squirrel hunting. Fun gun. But as my collection grew it sat in the gun safe for a long time. So it went to auction, got about what I paid for it back out and the $$ helped pay for the Beretta noted above.

I had a Rossi single shot with two barrels, a 22 and a 20 gauge. Sold that to buy the exact same gun with a 410 barrel instead of the 20 ga. Better to start the kids with.

And on it goes. We all know it's a matter of personal preference. And that it's fun to get on the forum and share our opinions.

Live well, be safe
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