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More on Pin Shooting:

In the 22 class, pins are set at the back of the table, not to hard to get them to fall off the table.

The pin table is eight feet wide and 4 feet deep. For center fire, the pins are 12 inches from the front edge of the table for rounds more powerful then the 9mm/38. For the 9mm/38's the pins are set 16 inches from the back of the table, so practice depends on what your shooting.

Most clubs don't have a special category for 9mm/38s so your at a disadvantage.

The problem is not hitting the pins, they are easy to hit, what happens is lack of follow through. Where the mind goes faster then the bullet. Meaning you're on the pin, you shoot, but while you're pulling the trigger, you mind is subconsciously moving to the next pin, causing a miss or poor hit.

Get your mind in the game and you'll have no problem getting 5 pins off the table with 5 shots.

For 22s your limited to 10 rounds per clip to start, CF limit is 8 rounds, don't depend on lots of spray and pray, reloading will cost you the match.
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