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I agree with jaguar that you need to add an O/U to your "collection."

I have sold some of my guns too. As I've gotten older, I am less inclined to lug a "heavy" 12 ga. all day in the field. I sold one of two 12 ga. model 90's and my 12 ga. Ithaca model 37 after getting a smaller frame 16 ga. Model 37. I hope to get my dad's even smaller frame 20 ga. Ithaca Model 37 some day.

I am now more interested in small gauge guns. However, I hunt waterfowl with a 12 ga. Benelli NOVA pump or a 12 ga.Benelli M1,Super 90 semi-auto, and I still shoot a little trap with my 12 ga. Winchester Model 12 Trap. I have a 28ga. CZ Bobwhite sxs and several 20 ga. guns, including the Model 90's and a Weatherby Orion III Classic Field.

Over the years I have acquired a 16 ga. pump (the Ithaca 37), O/U's (Mostly Model 90's), sxs's (Multiple 16 ga. including the hammer guns, a JC Higgins 101.7, 311A, an Eastern Arms 101.7, 5100, and a Lefever Nitro Special) , a bolt action (Mossberg 190) and a single barrel (Winchester 37). However, I still "need" a 16 ga. semi-auto to complete the "set."
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