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I'm not disagreeing with anyone but I'd like to mention that the one and only Luger I ever owned was a 1920 Comercial model, the reciever bridge was marked 1917 and had British proof marks.

It was in VG or a little bit better and I paid $400 for it at Ammo Depot in Dallas in 1999. I dont think Mickey really knew what he had as I sold it to Mr. Wolff that always used to have a table full of them at the DFW shows for $600.

I agree that every serious gun collector should have at least one Lugewr and this one was mine.

IMO a Luger is like a beautiful woman that wont screw and can't cook.
Super sensitive to ammo power and OAL, a trigger pull like pulling a cat off a cedar shake roof by the tail and an overal dislike of dust and dirt.

It didn't live up to all my boyhood dreams, for sure.
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